Boris orders fire cuts

Boris Johnson has ordered the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority to move forward with plans to close 12 fire stations across the capital.

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Labour: Boris needs to think again

Labour London Assembly Fire Spokesperson Navin Shah AM said:

“Boris needs to think again and look at reallocating resources from the wider Greater London Authority budget. This will keep our fire stations open and protect the safety and security of Londoners. He is trying to force the London Fire Authority to make these deep cuts, which are opposed by us and many Londoners.

“The London Fire Brigade and all of their dedicated staff do a fantastic job keeping us safe and helping us when we need it most. He is cutting too far and too fast, hitting the frontline and fundamentally undermining the ability of the fire brigade to do their job. How can cutting 12 of our fire stations, 18 fire engines and 520 firefighters be in the best interest of Londoners?”


'Essential for fire brigade to modernise', says mayor

The Mayor 's office described the move as "an unprecedented step" which they were taking "after the Fire Authority failed to show the leadership expected of it".

Boris Johnson said:

"There have been some outrageous claims that the Fire Commissioner and I would put lives of Londoners at risk, so I have directed the plans to go for consultation as planned because the option presented by the Authority is unfit for purpose and unsustainable in budget terms. It is essential that the London Fire Brigade continues to modernise so that it can remain one of the world's leading rescue services and is equipped to respond to 21st century fire fighting needs.

"It's right that tough decisions have to be made in times of economic uncertainty. History shows the difficulties organisations face when they don't meet their financial responsibilities. With 100 fire stations and over 150 fire engines, I am completely resolute that any agreed proposals will still be able to deal with large scale or multiple emergencies."

Boris orders fire authority to move forward with cuts

Mayor of London Boris Johnson. Credit: Conservative Party.

Boris Johnson has ordered the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority to move forward with plans to close 12 fire stations across the capital.

Just hours after the subject prompted a heated exchange at Mayor's Questions, Mr Johnson signed a mayoral direction telling the fire authority to start a public consultation on the plans within the next 14 days.

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Insults traded over fire cuts during Mayor's Questions

Cuts to London's emergency service dominated the monthly question and answer session between Boris Johnson and the London Assembly.

The mayor accused members of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority who voted against fire station closures of being "irresponsible".

Mr Johnson vowed to press ahead with the consultation over cuts.

At one point, the mayor and Labour's Andrew Dismore traded insuslts accross the floor of the City Hall chamber.

Mr Johnson called Mr Dismore: "invertebrate and protoplasmic." Mr Dismore told Mr Johnson: "You have been trying to dodge your responsibility for these cuts."

The mayor was also challenged about the closure of 65 police station front counters. He said: "The way to report a crime is to ring the police, that is what they expect."


Tempers flare over fire stations cuts

Boris: fire station closures will go ahead

New video: London fire stations to close

Cuts to London's fire service are tonight being condemned as 'dangerous and wrong'.

The capital's fire brigade wants to close twelve stations - cutting 520 jobs.

The Fire Brigades Union says the service is facing the biggest threat to its ability to function since the Second World War.Dan Hewitt reports.

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