Passenger satisfaction ratings

Passenger Focus has published satisfaction levels among travellers on different train services.

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Chelsea Barracks development 'must move forward'

The developers of the Chelsea Barracks site have been told they must start delivering the homes they promised, or to sell up and release the land.

The project has been put on hold, apparently because of the current economic climate. But Westminster Council is urging the Qatari developers to start building their vision.

Cllr Jonathan Glanz from Westminster Council.

Heathrow Express statement on passenger survey

A Heathrow Express spokesperson, said:

“93% of our passengers are satisfied with the Heathrow Expressservice which is a 3% increase since Spring 2012. We have spent £15 million pounds on upgrading the Heathrow Express fleet since May 2012 and have improved passenger information on board, online and on mobile devices. We are continuing to invest in improving all aspects of customer service.”


Greater Anglia statement

A Greater Anglia spokesperson said:

"Greater Anglia has improved overall customer satisfaction more than any other operator in the latest passenger survey, improving by 10% compared with the Spring 2012 survey to 83%. Our value for money rating has also improved from 30% in Spring 2012 to 37%. We recognise there is more to do and our focus is to build on these improved levels of satisfaction in further improving the service we offer our passengers.”

Southern 'disappointed' with overall satisfaction rating

A spokesman for Southern trains said:

"Southern achieved improved scores in many of the categories, but we are disappointed that our overall satisfaction score hasn’t risen.

"We recognise that performance is a key driver to achieving passenger satisfaction and for much of the survey period, general railway infrastructure problems and a particularly difficult leaf fall season made it a particularly challenging period for us. We operate around 2,300 trains each weekday on one of the country’s most congested networks where knock-on effects from one small incident can cause major problems.

"We are analysing the results and will be working hard on a plan to improve in the areas where our passengers tell us we need to."

South West Trains comment on passenger survey

South West Trains said that fare changes were determined largely by government policy and that they were working hard with the rest of the rail industry to make the system more cost-efficient.

They also pointed out that they had experienced an increase in their overall satisfaction rating.

Tim Shoveller, Managing Director of the South West Trains-Network Rail Alliance, said:

"It’s good news to see that satisfaction with our services has improved and we are determined to continue working hard to improve these scores even further....These results, which provide independent views from our passengers, really do help us to focus on the areas of improvement needed and we will continue to target these areas to meet the needs of our passengers.”

Response to survey findings from First Capital Connect

First Capital Connect stressed that the company's overall satisfaction rating had grown for the third year in a row - from 75% in 2009 to 81% last autumn.

Managing Director Neal Lawson said:

"We are pleased to have registered improvements in autumn passenger satisfaction for the third year running. In particular, investment is paying off in satisfaction with punctuality and journey times, the attitudes and helpfulness of our staff, the security of our services and the overall station environment.

“However, we recognise we have more to do, particularly in the area of dealing with delays."


South West Trains & Greater Anglia are 'worst' for value for money

South West Trains and Greater Anglia scored only 37% for value for money. Credit: ITN.

Greater Anglia and South West Trains have been branded the worst value for money by passengers.

A survey by the independent watchdog Passenger Focus found that travellers on their routes were the least satisfied with the price of their tickets. Only 37% of passengers considered their tickets value for money, compared with as many as 73% for other operators.

But, despite its poor rating, Greater Anglia's score was an improvement on last year - when it managed only 33%.

Nationally, the proportion of rail passengers satisfied with the price of their tickets has risen by one percentage point to 47% since autumn 2011.

Click here to read the full report.

Is your train company value for money?

South West Trains and Greater Anglia get the lowest satisfaction ratings from passengers for value for money.

But how do London's other train companies compare?

  • London Overground - 57% (up 3%)
  • First Great Western - 53% (unchanged)
  • Heathrow Connect - 52% (down 6%)
  • c2c - 46% (up 3%)
  • Southern - 42% (unchanged)
  • Heathrow Express - 40% (up 4%)
  • First Capital Connect - 38% (unchanged)
  • Southeastern - 38% (up 2%)
  • South West Trains - 37% (down 1%)
  • Greater Anglia - 37% (up 4%)

How does your train company rate?

Passenger Focus has published satisfaction levels among travellers on different services.

So how does your train company fare?

Here is a list of the overall satisfaction rates for the main London operators. You can see the full report - with all of the UK's train companies - on the Passenger Focus website.

  • Heathrow Connect - 94% (up 2%)
  • Heathrow Express - 93% (unchanged)
  • London Overground - 93% (unchanged)
  • c2c - 93% (up 2%)
  • South West Trains - 85% (up 2%)
  • Southeastern - 84% (up 2%)
  • First Great Western - 83% (unchanged)
  • Greater Anglia - 83% (up 6%)
  • Southern - 82% (down 1%)
  • First Capital Connect - 81% (up 1%)
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