Boris faces budget battle

Labour has claimed that the policing figures in Boris Johnson's draft budget for 2013-14 are wrong.

Earlier he came under fire infront of the London Assembly.

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Boris left with egg on his face over police figures

There are claims the Mayor of London has misled people about the future level of policing in the capital. As Boris Johnson sat in the London Assembly this morning to answer questions about his budget, Labour members claimed he'd got his figures wrong.

They say his plans for policing will actually see a fall, rather than a rise, in police officers in half of London's boroughs. Paul Brand explains.


Boris Johnson faces tough questioning at City Hall

Boris Johnson is currently facing a grilling from the London Assembly over the GLA's proposed draft budget for 2013-14.

You can watch it live by following the link below.

Mayor's opponents unite over budget

Opposition parties in the London Assembly are expected to gang up on Boris Johnson in an historic bid to try to overturn his plans for fare increases and fire station closures. For the first time, Labour, Lib Dem and Green members are expected to agree a joint amendment to the draft budget.

The move requires a majority vote and is likely to be succesful if at least 13 members of the 25-strong assembly join forces.

But the mayor is unlikely to be troubled by the tactic - his original budget is expected to be approved at another meeting on 25th February when the opposition will be unable to muster the required majority of two thirds.

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