Fox baby attack: mum speaks

The mother of a baby, who was attacked by a fox in Bromley, has told Daybreak of the moment she found the animal dragging her child out of the house.

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Fox attack family responds to 'terrible' internet attacks

Hayley Cawley described how she has been accused of lying about the fox's attack on her five-week-old son Dennie.

Talking about the attacks from people online she told Daybreak; "They've been terrible, I had a little look last night and I had to close the page down."

Dennie sits in his father arms with a bandaged hand after the fox attack

Responding to claims that it was not a fox but a dog that attacked Dennie Ms Cawley said, "I've never had a dog in my life."


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Fox attack mother tells of pulling baby from its jaws

The mother of a five-week-old baby attacked by a fox has told of how she managed to pull him from the animal's jaws as it dragged the boy "like a 10lb chicken".

Speaking about the attack on Dennie Dolan, Hayley Cawley told The Sun:

It had Dennie’s left hand in its jaws. Dennie’s head was covered in blood and it was running down his cheeks.

His head was lodged in the corner of the door frame and the fox couldn’t get him out of the door.

I kicked it hard but it wouldn’t let go. I was scared it would sink its teeth in even further so I lashed out at it with my hand and kept hitting it.

If I’d got there a few seconds later my baby would have been out of the door and I might never have seen him again.

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Baby attacked by fox released from hospital

The five-week-old baby attacked by a fox has been released from hospital and is back with his parents.

However the boy's mother, Hayley Cawley, told The Sun she will never return to their home where the attack took place.

Ms Cawley said the fox had severed two of Dennie Dolan's arteries and her son underwent a five-hour-long operation while surgeons tried to save one of his fingers.

“Afterwards they told us there was a 70 percent chance he will recover full use of it and that he was very lucky", she added.

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Father of fox attack baby pays tribute to 'my poor boy'

The father of a month-old baby who was attacked by a fox has paid tribute to his "poor boy" as the family is inundated with messages of support.

Paul Dolan posted the comment on Facebook along with a photo of his son, Denny Dolan, which showed his hand heavily bandaged as he recovers in hospital.

Surgeons reportedly had to reattach one of the baby's fingers after he was dragged from his cot at his family's home near Bromley, south east London, on Wednesday. He also had cuts to his face which needed stitches.

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Mum found fox dragging baby son to the back door

The mother of fox attack victim Denny Dolan had gone upstairs when she heard a bang and rushed down to find the animal dragging her baby towards the back door, his aunt has said.

"It was so traumatic," Lorraine Murphy told The Times (£). "The family are devastated. I spoke to my brother at the hospital, but he couldn't even talk. Denny's lovely - he was a perfect baby."

The company which is responsible for maintenance issues with the baby's home has denied press reports it failed to respond to requests from the family to fix a damaged door.

Phoenix Community Housing said repair works were completed last month and said no further requests had been made.


Fox attack baby recovering well in hospital

A fox that attacked a baby over the weekend has sparked a new debate into 'pest control' of the species. The one-month old baby, who was attacked in his home in Bromley, is said to be recovering well in hospital.

Surgeons reportedly had to re-attach one of Denny Dolan's fingers, after he was dragged from his cot by the animal.

London's Mayor: 'Foxes are a growing menace'

We face a growing problem with our urban foxpopulation. Personally I wouldn't rule anything in or out but ultimately thisis a matter on which the boroughs must take the lead. Pest control falls tothem. Attacks like that on this little boy thankfully are rare but foxes are agrowing menace. Borough leaders need to look carefully at the facts and worktogether to respond. Better informing Londoners about foxes in an effort todrive them from our bins and our back yards would be a good place to start.

– Mayor of London's Press Office

Advice on how to tackle Fox problems

Lewisham Council's website offers advice of how to stop Fox problems

Local authorities and animal welfare organisations have beenadvising residents on ways to make their homes and back gardens less attractiveto foxes.

"These can include repellents and making sure that waste food is always disposed of in secure, lidded bins and containers. We must all do this together for it to be effective in discouraging foxes from our neighbourhoods."

For all the advice, visit their website at:

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