Prince visits Borough Market

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall have officially re-opened Borough Market. Most of the stalls had to move out two years ago, because of rail construction work, but they're now back in business.

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Prince Charles delights in luxury foods

A leg of boar was also presented to the royal couple which had a visible price tag of £176. Credit: Paul Edwards/the sun/PA Wire

Prince Charles looked right at home, inspecting a haunch of wild boar and sampling luxury olive oils.

A farmer himself, and an advocate of organic food, he took special interest in the produce being sold at many of the stalls.

The Prince of Wales samples some of the olive oils being sold in the market. Credit: Paul Edwards/the sun/PA Wire

But, it looked rather more incongruous when Charles started sipping on a cup of "builder's tea".

The Prince normally has his tea without milk and with a spoonful of honey, but he ordered one with two sugars and as strong as you can make it from cafe-owner Maria Moruzzi.

The Prince normally has his tea with a spoonful of honey. Credit: Paul Edwards/the sun/PA Wire


No card for Charles, but lots of Valentine's gifts for Camilla

The Duchess of Cornwall was presented with armfuls of gifts from traders, as she toured Borough Market.

Florist Sharon Crane, 45, whose business opened today, gave her first bunch of flowers to the Duchess for free.

Florist Sharon Crane gave the Duchess of Cornwall a bunch of roses.

Afterwards she said: "I told her 'I'm giving you a bouquet of flowers in case your husband forgets' and she said she was hoping to get some."

She was also presented with a massive chocolate heart, decorated with the words "with love from Borough Market".

Chocolatier Hayleigh Bazelya presented the Duchess with a chocolate heart, decorated with the words "love from Borough Market". Credit: Paul Edwards/The sun/PA Wire

But it seems Charles is having a rather less romantic Valentine's day. When asked by David Ruane, a worker from a nearby pub, if he'd received a card, he rolled his eyes and said: "No, I don't think so."

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