Three arrested over Spurs attack

French police have arrested three men following a gang attack on a bar in Lyon, packed with Tottenham football fans.

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Tottenham response to attack

"Club officials attended an incident last night in Lyon. A group of around 50 people confronted fans. The situation was dealt with and arrests were made within the hour. Three fans sustained minor injuries and received prompt medical assistance.

"Spurs officials and stewards will be in the city throughout the day, along with match day French police ahead of kick-off."

– Tottenham spokesman
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Lyon badly damaged pub after 'coming under attack'

Eyewitnesses who were inside the Smoking Dog pub said thugs attacked the bar at 10.18pm on Wednesday night. They then returned to launch another assault, leaving the pub badly damaged.

At 10.18 the pub was rammed with Tottenham fans watching the Champions League on the television. The front of the pub, which is made up of reinforced glass, was attacked by 20-25 people.

They threw projectiles through the windows. There was a stand off. They didn't get in to the bar. Then it calmed down. Then they came back a second time and it all started again.

There were three injured Tottenham fans taken away by ambulance. One of them had a head injury. I'm not sure how bad it was.

– Dave Eales, pub landlord


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Spurs fan: 'Drips of blood left in the bar' in Lyon

They came in making Nazi salutes. It was frightening. Rome was fresh in everyone's minds. Everyone realised this was serious.

They left and then we thought that was it, but five minutes later it started again.

The intruders did not get in to the bar because it was full of Spurs fans. There were drips of blood left in the bar. The owners barricaded the pub between the two waves of attacks.

– Christian Radnege, Spurs fan

In November last year, the President of the Italian Football Association apologised to the English FA following a "disgraceful attack" on Tottenham fans in Rome.

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'Two waves of attack' on bar filled with Spurs fans

One eyewitness who did not want to be named, said:

There were 50 who attacked in the first wave and 25 in the second. It's a pretty scary thing when you're confronted by people doing Nazi salutes.

A lit flare was thrown through the window as well as the heavy weight, the kind that's used on terraces to hold down umbrellas. It was terrifying. I've never seen anything like it. They threw iron stools through the windows as well.

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