Dog swallows 90 pebbles

A dog owner was stunned to view an x-ray of her three year old labrador who had to undergo surgery after swallowing 90 pebbles during a trip to the beach.

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Op for dog who swallowed 90 stones

Barney got "carried away" at the beach

An excited labrador who loved visiting to the beach ended up taking home a little more than he bargained for.

Owner Kim Woollard said three year old Barney was clearly uncomfortable when he got home from Sheerness beach and began vomiting stones.

Kim took Barney for an x-ray and was shocked when she saw the extent of the dog's stone collection.

An x-ray reveals the pebbles swallowed by Barney

Roger Bralow from Stone Lion Veterinary Hospital in Wimbledon said "While its normal for dogs on the beach to scavenge and, in so doing, swallow a few pebbles, the sheer volume he consumed is unusual and had the potential to cause him serious internal injuries."

After an operation to remove the rest of the stones, Barney is now making a good recovery.

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