Cops rescue toddler from fire

Two police officers have saved the lives of three people - including a two-year-old boy - after rescuing them from a burning building in South Norwood.

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Cops showed "outstanding bravery"

The Croydon Borough commander has paid tribute to the bravery of the two police officers involved in the South Norwood fire rescue.

"The professionalism and bravery of DS Woollard and DC Pryce was truly outstanding. They showed what the Metropolitan Police is all about - keeping our communities safe - and they put aside any concern for their own safety to make sure that the people inside those flats got out safely. Thanks to their quick thinking and actions a tragic disaster has potentially been avoided."

– Chief Superintendent Richard Wood, Croydon Borough commander


"We were just concerned at getting everybody out"

One of the police officers, who helped three people from a burning building in South Norwood yesterday, has described how he and his colleague became involved in the rescue.

"We just happened to be driving along the road when we saw smoke swirling in front of us, so we stopped to make sure that everyone was OK until the Fire Brigade and local police arrived. Most people had already evacuated from the surrounding flats, but we were told there were people still inside the flats above the shop. We were just concerned at getting everybody out quickly and safely. The smoke inside was very thick, but we made sure we helped everybody we could to get out, before getting out ourselves and waiting for the Fire Brigade to arrive."

– DS Mick Woollard, Metropolitan Police

Police officers in fire rescue

Two police officers have rescued two men and a two-year-old boy from a burning flat in Croydon.

DS Mick Woollard and DC Neal Pryce, both from the Metropolitan Police's Road Death Investigation Unit at Catford, were on South Norwood High Street at 11am, when they spotted the fire in a flat above a shop.

The officers broke down the door of the flat and helped to get the three people inside to safety. One of the men and the child were treated in hospital for the effects of inhaling smoke. Neither were serioulsy hurt.

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