Tube drivers to vote on strikes

Tube drivers on the Jubilee Line are set to vote on possible industrial action in a row over working conditions and allegations of bullying.

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Union boss: "no one should underestimate the anger" of tube staff

General Secretary of the RMT Union Credit: REUTERS/Phil Noble

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“[The] RMT will not sit back and allow the wilfull misuse of procedures on any part of the tube network as a means of bullying and intimidating our members.

"That is exactly what is happening at the moment to drivers working out of Greenwich and Stratford on the Jubilee Line and we are demanding that the practice be called to an immediate halt.

“Our members are also sick of the gradual decline in working conditions and facilities which have been allowed to degenerate into a disgusting state and which appears to be another petty and vindictive way of sniping at union members on the Jubilee Line.

"Communication with staff and union reps has also been undermined and support from managers for staff has been systematically stripped away.

“RMT will begin immediate preparations for a ballot for industrial action and no one should underestimate the anger amongst Jubilee Line staff at the moment. RMT remains available for talks aimed at resolving this dispute.”

London Underground 'keen to understand' union's concerns

The RMT Union is planning to ballot its members over possible strike action. Credit: ITN

John Doyle, Jubilee line general manager for London Underground: said:

“The unions have informed us that they are in dispute with us over what they perceive as a breakdown in industrial relations. We are keen to understand their concerns and so will be meeting with the unions later this week to discuss these issues in greater detail.”


Row over 'bullying' and working conditions

The Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) Union is set to ballot members working out of the Stratford and Greenwich depots of the Jubilee Line.

The union has written to London Underground, listing the following grievances:

  • The "unfair and disproportionate" treatment of Drivers in disciplinaries
  • Facilities on the Jubilee Line "being in a very poor and in some cases a disgusting state"
  • The "removal and threatened removal of some benefits"
  • A "severe lack of support" from managers for their staff.
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