Bieber 'two hours late' for gig

Justin Bieber turned up to his performance at the O2 Arena almost two hours late last night. Many fans and their families are angry as they had to leave shortly after he finally arrived.

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Parents: Bieber 'should be ashamed' of treatment of fans

Former Coronation Street actress Wendi Peters said her daughter had to leave the Justin Bieber concert before the end and now "isn't as big a fan as she was."


Gracie isn't as big a Justin Bieber fan as she was ! Had to leave early and now school on 6 hours sleep :( #goodluckeveryone #BieberatTheO2

Twitter user Nicola Gray said her daughter arrived home at 1.30am because of the star's "laziness". She addressed another tweet at the O2 arena demanding a refund of the £68.25 ticket.


Justin bieber should be ashamed my daughter finally arrived home at nearly 1.30am cause of your laziness... Fame has gone to your head boy !

Another mother said it was "awful how late he was":


@daybreak my daughter & niece went to Bieber last night,awful how late he was and can't believe he didn't sing 'believe'on the believe tour!


'Chaos' as Bieber arrives 'two hours late' for O2 gig


Justin Bieber has gone onstage at the 02 TWO HOURS late. Thousands of teen stranded, baffled, Mums waiting outside. Chaos there apparently.


Bieber came on TWO hours late at o2 tonight. What insult to young fans, falling asleep/crying and having to leave after one song cos so late


Bieber 2 hours late. Seeing lots of stuff about kids being dragged out of O2 for last trains. Well done big guy, you've ruined their year...



Bieber arrives late on harness wearing angel wings

The O2 venue in London has apologised to young fans after teenage superstar Justin Bieber was nearly two hours late on stage at his latest concert.

Bieber arrives on stage on a harness and wearing angel wings. Credit: Empics

The Canadian artist was opening the first of four nights at the London venue but failed to start his performance until nearly 10.30pm, just half an hour before the O2's curfew.

Eager fans in the front row appear unperturbed. Credit: Empics

Many youngsters were forced to miss the gig altogether in order to get their last train out of London.

Tickets for the show began at more than £50.


Justin Bieber 'two hours late' for O2 show


Justin Bieber wears TWO watches and he's STILL late? Unbeliebable.


Justin Bieber is now on stage and apologises for the lateness of his show

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