£913 million cycling plan

Boris Johnson has set out his vision for the future of cycling in the capital.

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Boris: London won't become Amsterdam overnight

Boris Johnson has admitted that his plans won't become a reality without the cooperation of local and central government.

He said:

"I do not control the vast majority of London’s roads, so many of the improvements I seek will take time. They will depend on the cooperation of others, such as the boroughs, Royal Parks, Network Rail and central government.

"I do not promise perfection; I do not promise that London, a very different city from Amsterdam or Copenhagen, will quickly come to resemble those places. But what I do say is that this document marks a profound shift in my ambitions and intentions for the bicycle in London."


Cyclists welcome "stonking plans"

The Mayor's proposals have been given an enthusiastic reception by many cyclists and cyling groups on Twitter.

Cyclists in the City described them as "stonking plans".

Cycling plans "not ambitious enough"

The London Assembly is calling on Boris Johnson to double the cycling budget. Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive

The London Assembly criticised the plans as "not ambitious enough" and called for Boris Johnson to double the budget for cycling.

They said that the Mayor was likely to miss his targets for increasing the number of journeys taken by bike and for improving cycle safety

Caroline Pidgeon AM, Chair of the London Assembly’s Transport Committee, said:

“Far from seeing evidence of a serious commitment to a 'cycling revolution', the Mayor’s vision lacks ambition for his pledges to make London safer and more inviting for cycling.

"While £913 million may seem an impressive figure, its impact will be diluted over ten years and is not a significant advancement on current funding levels. To have real impact, we’re calling for the investment in cycling to be doubled.

“The Committee has previously highlighted how segregated cycle paths, junction and cycle superhighway improvements and tackling HGV safety would improve safety for cyclists, and we're delighted to see these included in the Mayor's cycle vision.

"If Boris Johnson is serious about leaving a lasting cycling legacy for London – boosting journeys by bike and improving safety – more ambitious targets, backed by serious funding, are needed."

Boris: cycling investment will benefit all Londoners

The Mayor said that his investment in cycling would provide a boost to all Londoners, not just lycra-clad bike enthusiasts.

He said:

"The reason I am spending almost £1 billion on this is my belief that helping cycling will not just help cyclists. It will create better places for everyone. It means less traffic, more trees, more places to sit and eat a sandwich.

"It means more seats on the Tube, less competition for a parking place and fewer cars in front of yours at the lights. Above all, it will fulfil my aim of making London's air cleaner."

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