Evictions from police property

The Metropolitan Police say they have to sell a property in North London which will see up to 21 families evicted from their homes.

Residents of Connaught House in Muswell Hill say the move will "break up a community".

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Angry exchanges in Muswell Hill

Our reporter Paul Brand is at the scene...

Bailiffs arrive at Connaught House

Connaught House in Muswell Hill

Bailiffs have arrived at Connaught House in Muswell Hill in North London where it's expected 11 families will be evicted today.

The remaining residents have been given until the middle of April to move - some have been re-housed by the leaseholder, but others say they will be homeless.

Residents of Connaught House say they were initially told about the move in 2006 but it was not until last year that they were informed of the deadline - originally December but which was extended.

The Met plans to sell its properties, including the iconic Scotland Yard building, in an attempt to save £500m.

Met 'intent' on selling land says local MP

Lynne Featherstone, Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Commenting, Lynne Featherstone, Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green said:

“I have made numerous representations on behalf of myconstituents at Connaught House. I have contacted the Commissioner of theMetropolitan Police, Crown Housing and Haringey Council.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the Met are intent on selling the land. They will not withdraw the instruction to Crown Housing to vacate the property.

I then urgently contacted Crown Housing and Haringey Council, to gain assurance that all residents of Connaught House would be given appropriate alternative accommodation.

Haringey Council said that they were advising and offering different housing options to each resident. Crown Housing also said that alternative housing options have been offered.

I can only imagine what the residents must be going through. If any of them do not feel that the Council or Crown Housing has offered them appropriate alternative accommodation, I urge them to contact me so that I can make further representations on their behalf."


Land was 'non-permanent' accommodation say police

Land was 'non-permanent accommodation' Credit: Katie Collins/PA Wire/Press Association Images

In a statement, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said:

"The land had been leased to Crown Housing Association to providenon-permanent accommodation for their own tenants who hold short-term leases.

The lease to Crown Housing Association expired in December 2012. We continue to work closely with Crown Housing Association regarding arrangements with current occupiers before we proceed to market."

11 families to be evicted today

Bailiffs are expected to evict 11 families from the property today. The Metropolitan Police said the lease on the building expired last December and would now be sold.

The remaining residents have been given another month before they have to move but although some have found new accommodation others say they will be homeless.

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