Crossrail flooding complaint

A sports club has blamed Crossrail works for flooding their pitches.

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Crossrail waiting for flooding report

Crossrail has said it is waiting for a report from an independent specialist into why the pitches at an Abbey Wood sports club have become waterlogged.

"We have commissioned a report from an independent specialist into the cause of the flooding and the initial findings are due shortly. To help the club we have been pumping water off the pitches and once we have the findings of the report we will consider what further action can be taken.”

– Crossrail


Thames Water: Abbey Wood sewers are not to blame

Thames Water has said the water that has flooded sports pitches in Abbey Wood has not come from their sewers. The pitches' owner has blamed nearby work on the Crossrail link for causing the flooding.

"We have been monitoring our sewers in the area and they are working as they should. Tests carried out on the floodwater in October suggest that this is groundwater that has not been able to drain away."

– Thames Water

Crossrail blamed for flooded sports pitches

A sports club in South East London has said its flooded sports pitches have been caused by nearby works on the Crossrail link. Martin Masher, who owns the Seven Acre Sports Club, filmed this video of the waterlogged pitches.

He says the problem started seven months ago and he has been unable to get Crossrail to take action. The club has been unable to play any matches this season.

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