Gang crime members locked up

More than 1,000 London gang members are now either locked up or subject to legal restrictions as a result of activity by the Met's Trident Gang Crime Command during the past year.

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Knife injuries to under-25s fall by 27%

Over the last year the number of gang members in custodyor subject to legal restrictions or licence restrictions has more than doubled and the Met are reporting that instances of serious youth violence has fallen:

  • 1,871 fewer victims of serious youth violence - reduced by 28% over the last financial year
  • Knife injuries to people under 25 have fallen by 27%; 484 fewer victims
  • 92 fewer shootings - a 19% reduction
  • Since April 2012 five gun-related homicides compared with 15 in the same period the previous year

Met gets results on gangs

The Metropolitan Police say 802 gang offenders are in custody

A total of 802 gang offenders are in custody according to the latest data released by the Met. A further 101 gang offenders are subject to ASBOs, gang injunctions or other court orders and 105 have been released from prison with licence conditions.

These restrictions can have a range of conditions, including restricting who gang members can associate with, where they can go and even put restrictions around their use of mobile phones.


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