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  1. Martin Stew

Spring in action

Weather Presenter Martin Stew

A couple of weeks ago I did a report on potentialadvantages of a late spring for plants and flowers. The Head gardener of theRoyal Parks told me that more time in the ground and a wet March would ensurewhen spring finally turns up it would do so with a bang.

Tulips on Victoria Embankment

Walking through Victoria Embankment Gardens today it looks like he was right. The glorious sunshine last week has sprung spring into action and the gardens are awash with colour. For the rest of this week we've got more pleasant spring weather to look forward to.

Flower in bloom

Temperature will stay similar to or slightly warmer than today but from tomorrow it will feel more pleasant as the wind dies down. We've got high pressure taking over which will bring very settled conditions.

Daffodils enjoying the warmer weather

Bright, sunny mornings. Slightly cloudier but still fine afternoons and highs of around 16*C. The only downside is that clear skies at night will see temperatures dip down to near freezing particularly in more rural areas.

That means gardeners should be aware there is the chance of some ground frost and the last thing we want to see is this glorious springtime colour fading too fast.

See you later!

Martin Stew

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