Thatcher funeral rehearsal

An early morning rehearsal for the funeral of Baroness Thatcher has taken place in central London.

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Boris: 'Thatcherism lives! Ding Dong!'

London Mayor Boris Johnson believes "Thatcherism lives". Credit: PA Wire

London Mayor Boris Johnson wrote in the Daily Telegraph that 23-years after Margaret Thatcher stepped down as British Prime Minister her "ideas are still being exported to democracies around the world", adding "Thatcherism lives! Ding dong!"

He wrote: "I tell you what, my little Left-wing friends, and all you who think it amusing to break out the champagne at the death of an 87-year-old woman.

"There is one thing that is alive and well – and that is Thatcherism. Thatcherism lives; and will live as long as there are people in this country, and on this planet, who see how economic freedom can be the servant not just of the rich, but of our whole society."

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