Heathrow fourth runway

A former Concorde pilot has put forward plans to build a fourth runway at Heathrow to help ease the congestion there.

We understand it is now being considered by the Government as a contender for the expansion of south east airports.

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New plans to extend Heathrow

Extending both runways, and moving the M25 is the latest plan that's been submitted for Heathrow airport. It's come from former Concorde pilot Captain Jock Lowe, and would mean more planes and more noise for those living under the flight path.

But it's the cheapest proposal out of the all the schemes that have been put forward so far. Mike Pearse has been to meet him.

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Extra Heathrow runway: for or against?

A plan for a fourth runway at Heathrow has been sent to a government group looking at airport expansion in the south.

The proposal has sparked anger in the Thames Valley as it's suggested extending the site closer to Windsor. It could also lead to increased flight numbers by up to half a million a year.

Our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse has been looking at the arguments for and against the extra runway.

He spoke first to Jock Lowe, a former Concorde pilot.


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Rival plans for Heathrow expansion

The one presented today would extend the two existing runways towards the M25. It could mean parts of the M25 being put in a tunnel to create two extra runways. The rival scheme would see two runways built towards Windsor with claims up to 600 homes in the Horton area may have to be demolished.

Other options include new runways at Gatwick, Stansted and the so-called Boris Island scheme for a new airport in the Thames Estuary. The move would extend the airport closer to Windsor and increase flight numbers by up to half a million a year.

The man behind the latest plan - a former Concorde pilot from Marlow - spoke exclusively to our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse.

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