Northern Line delays

Commuters faced delays on the Northern Line this morning after a signal failure at Clapham Common.

Tube boss: we're working flat out to solve problem

Pat Hansberry, General Manager of the Northern line, said:

The Northern line had delays between Edgware and Camden Town this morning as a result of an earlier signal failure in the Clapham Common area. This has resulted in problems with restoring the scheduled service. Our line control and depot staff are working flat out to ensure a good service operates on the line, and I apologise to customers who have been delayed this morning.



Queues to enter East Finchley Station

Damian Bennett posted this picture of queues outside East Finchley Station at 8:53 this morning.

A signal failure caused delays on the Northern Line this morning. Credit: Damian Bennett, Twitter @therealdamianb

Laura, another commuter, posted a similar picture writing "Northern Line fail. I took this photo to text to my colleagues so they know the extent of my transport woes."

Commuters faced long waits to get into East Finchley Station. Credit: Laura @theatregrad, Twitter

Commuters report long waits to get on trains


Been waiting for the Northern line for over an hour & prob. an hour more. Minor delays?! Really?! @mayoroflondon #undergroundfail


@northernline 2 southbound trains in 20 minutes and it was still only MINOR delays!


More than 45 mins waiting for northern line but supposedly it's a minor delay. #stillonplatform

Commuters complain that delays are not 'minor'

Transport for London is reporting that there are minor delays on the Northern Line between Camden Town and High Barnet, but commuters have been complaining of long queues to get into a station or on a train.


Minor delays if you're on the northern line. Major delays if you're still trying to get on it.


@northernline Minor delays?! If that's true why am I having to queue just to get into East Finchley station?!


Minor in relation to the age of the universe I suppose >> "@northernline: There are minor delays on the between Camden Town & High Barnet.”

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