Eggs thrown in BGT final

Saturday night's Britain's Got Talent live final was marked by a woman running on stage and throwing eggs at the judges.

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Quartet say BGT egg thrower 'acted entirely alone'

The woman who hurled eggs at Simon Cowell during the final of Britain's Got Talent "acted entirely alone", the other members of her rock string quartet have said.

The Raven Quartet took to Twitter this morning to reiterate that Natalie Holt's actions were never discussed with the group or their manager:

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BGT egg thrower 'took stand' over miming on television

The woman who threw eggs at Simon Cowell during the final of Britain's Got Talent said she did it in protest against his "dreadful influence" on the music industry.

Viola player Natalie Holt was watched by an audience of more than 13 million people when she ran to the front of the stage on Saturday and hurled the eggs during a performance by Welsh brothers Richard and Adam.

Natalie Holt, 30, rushed to the front of the stage and threw eggs at Simon Cowell during Richard and Adam's performance. Credit: ITV/Britain's Got Talent

Speaking to The Sun, Holt, who was part of the orchestra for the brothers' song, said, "I took a stand against people miming on television and against Simon and his dreadful influence on the music industry".

Her mother Patricia told the newspaper she "was in shock" when she saw her daughter on television throwing the eggs, but added, “Simon Cowell does monopolise music. Apparently he’d been on Twitter saying he doesn’t like eggs so I think maybe she was reacting to that”.


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Attraction attacks BGT egg thrower for spoiling win

The leader of shadow dance troupe Attraction - the winner of this year's Britain's Got Talent - has attacked the woman who threw eggs at Simon Cowell during the final.

Zoltan Scuzs told The Sun newspaper that Natalie Holt spoiled the group's big moment when she did something "stupid".

Shadow dance troupe Attraction won this year's Britain's Got Talent. Credit: ITV/Britain's Got Talent

He said: "It was not good. We picked up the papers and there was a big article about this girl throwing eggs and just one line on Attraction.

"What she did was stupid and we are not happy about it".

John Prescott, Simon Cowell and the egg thrower

Former deputy leader of the Labour party, John Prescott has reportedly offered his support to Simon Cowell after he was targeted with eggs by a perfomer on the Britain's Got Talent final last night.

Mr Prescott apparently tweeted "@SimonCowell I'm here if you need to talk", which has caused much mirth on the social media website, and has been repeatedly retweeted although now removed.

The former MP suffered a similar fate in 2001 when he reacted by punching the egg throwing protester during a visit to Rhyl in north Wales.

London quartet's speculation over egg thrower

It's reported the woman who ran on stage in the final of Britain's Got Talent belonged to a musical quartet based in London. While three of the quartet were not in the studio when the eggs were thrown, it appears one of them may have been.


Eggs thrown in BGT final

A woman, who ITV believes was part of a musical quartet from London, threw eggs at the judges during last night's Britain's Got Talent live final. The channel confirmed 30-year-old Natalie Holt was a member of finalists Richard and Adam's backing group.

The London group Raven speculated that one of their members may have been involved in the incident.

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