London stars in Hummingbird

The world premiere of Hummingbird took place in Leicester Square last night. Jason Statham stars as an ex-Special Forces soldier whose trauma from service leads to alcoholism and him having to sleep rough on the streets of London.

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Film about homeless soldiers in London

More than 4,000 Army personnel have been told today that they're being made redundant.

As they return to Civvy Street, they're entitled to help from the authorities if they are homeless.

But chances are that some will end up sleeping rough.

That bleak prospect for veterans is explored in a new film called "Hummingbird", which opens in London later this month.

Rags Martel has more.


Ex-servicemen in crisis are the lucky ones, says Veterans' Aid

Although in Hummingbird Jason Statham played an ex-Special Forces soldier who became homeless on the streets of London, Dr Hugh Milroy from Veterans' Aid says if you are in crisis in this country and you're a veteran you're among the lucky ones.

He told Rags Martel that there's a lot of help out there and these days very few ex-servicemen end on up on the street.

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