Child impaled by metal spike

A 12 year old boy from Romford is recovering after being impaled though the chest by a metal spike.

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Josh says he's lucky to be alive

Chelsea fan Josh is recovering at home

Josh believes if it wasn't for his neighbour who held him until emergency services cut him free, he would have died. The 12 year old says it was a shock, and he's learned a lesson.

Josh has kept the spike as a reminder of how lucky he was Credit: ITN

More from Josh and his mother on our programme at 6pm.

Spike entered chest and passed out other side

Josh Hassan's x-ray, showing the spike in his chest

12 year old Josh Hassan was climbing over a railing to retrieve his football when he slipped and impaled himself on a huge metal spike.

He says he thought he was going to die; the spike passed through his chest and out the other side, missing his heart by 6cm.

He was held up by neighbours for an hour and a half to prevent the spike doing any more damage while emergency services cut him free.


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