First heatwave for seven years

London is in the midst of its first official heatwave for seven years - and there is no sign of the mercury plummeting any time soon.

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Paramedics struggling to cope in 'dangerously high' heat

Ambulance crews are struggling to cope in the heatwave as they try to rescue people in "dangerously high" temperatures.

Paramedic Karl Paddison warned that even healthy people can fall foul of hot sun, adding that the London Ambulance Service has to attend to people who have collapsed on a daily basis.

And the the worst effects are being felt by people stuck in lifts, in the capital's Underground, or those who are so burned they have to be admitted to A&E with sun stroke.


Westminster Council helps residents through heatwave

Westminster council has said it is deploying extra teams on estates and sheltered blocks to ensure elderly and vulnerable people were not suffering in the heatwave.

People cool down in the fountain at Trafalgar Square, London. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire

A team of 50 staff spent the last 24 hours checking to ensure tenants have enough water, are keeping cool with fans and open windows and are not falling foul of the weather conditions, said the council.

Tony Andrews, Westminster Council’s Emergency Planning Manager said: “We have given out heat safety advice to all of our teams out on the ground and to the care agencies and meals on wheels teams who look after older and vulnerable people.

"They are visiting thousands of people to help them keep well in this extreme weather.”

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