First heatwave for seven years

London is in the midst of its first official heatwave for seven years - and there is no sign of the mercury plummeting any time soon.

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London Fire Brigade deal with rise in 'grass fires'

The London Fire Brigade has said today that firefighters are dealing with twice as many grass fires in the capital compared with last year, warning that they could rise further unless people act responsibly.


Over 20 grass fires in London including a fire in Southall caused by sun rays being magnified by glass #heatwave -


Firefighters are dealing with a grass fire on Mitcham Common off Croydon Road. You can help us prevent these fires

Report: Blaze alert on Hampstead Heath with heatwave

Hampstead Heath is on fire alert after soaring temperatures which resulted in Parliament Hill Lido shutting its doors early for the first time in nearly a decade, the Ham & High is reporting.

ITV London cannot independently verify this footage:

According to the newspaper, around 80,000 people took to the Heath on Saturday and Sunday while the Parliament Hill Lido and bathing ponds had 18,000 swimmers over the two days.

The City of London Corporation spokesman said: “There is a serious fire risk during the current heat wave.

"We are operating a zero-tolerance policy to barbecues – which are a major fire risk on the Heath’s peaty ground – and we would encourage the public to make sure that any cigarettes are fully stubbed out to minimise the danger".


Fire Brigade warn Londoners of 'cooling off' in lakes


Following the #HeatWave warning we're warning people not to cool off in rivers, lakes & reservoirs due to hidden dangers under the surface.


2 people drowned in lakes in the UK last night & we don't want to be faced with a similiar tragedy here in London #HeatWave


This is a scary but effective 1970s information film on playing near water. Don't cool off in lakes this #heatwave

Met Office record highs of 32C at Hampton Water Works


Yesterday saw its highest 2013 temperature, with 32.2C recorded at Hampton Water Works, London. Today will be another dry, hot sunny day ^SM


A Heat-health watch Level 3 remains in places for SE England, for information please see: ^SM

Clegg: Need to be 'sensible' over working temperatures

A group of Labour MPs have tabled a parliamentary motion saying that workers should be allowed to down tools when the temperature hits 30C (86F) or 27C (81F) if they do strenuous work, after the Deputy Prime Minister said that temperatures on public transport can be "pretty brutal".

Nick Clegg said:

I don't think we should suddenly be passing laws and issuing great rules for everybody. I just think you have got to be pragmatic. If you are in an office and you don't have air conditioning, the sun's coming in - particularly these offices under roofs which can overheat - I just think you have got to be sensible.

You cannot, I don't think, reasonably expect someone to actually sit in an office if it's 35C.


Clegg: Temperatures on public transport 'pretty brutal'

Temperatures on public transport can be "pretty brutal" and the UK's working practices are not adapted to heatwave conditions, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg acknowledged.

Responding to reports that the temperature on London's tube trains had topped 35C , Mr Clegg said:

The problem we face as a country is these things are unpredictable. We have a whole system, the whole way we work, our offices, buses everything, isn't actually designed for these sudden spikes in temperature.

In countries that are used to hot temperatures they organise themselves differently, or indeed very cold winters.

We are not ready for this. I have to say, 35 degrees, that is pretty brutal. You do need to be careful, particularly if you are frail, if you are recovering from illnesses, if you are elderly, the very young.

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