Conmen steal rare figurines

Police are hunting two men who conned their way into an 82-year-old's flat and stole rare soldier figurines and cash.

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Description of conmen released by police

Both of the men are white, aged about 30 years and have London accents.

One is around 6ft 1ins with dark short hair, receding on top and has large sideburns. He was wearing a grey/white t-shirt, beige knee-length shorts and trainers.

The other is 5ft 9ins, slim with dark short hair. He was wearing a t-shirt and jeans at the time.


Police call Kew deception "heartbreaking"

The victim started this collection when he was aged five and it is obviously heartbreaking for him to be burgled in this callous way by these two males who talked their way into his home and took advantage.

Each of the figurines is about 2 inches and is made from white metal or lead. They are made by an established company called 'Britain's' so are quite distinctive with most being hand painted and very unique."

– Detective Constable Simon Guy, from Richmond CID

Conmen steal rare soldier figurines from pensioner

Police are searching for two men who conned their way into a pensioner's flat and stole rare figurines and cash.

On 5 July, at about 11.30 am, two men who posed as builders, knocked on the 82-year-old's home, which was due to have renovations, in The Avenue, Kew.

The pensioner, therefore, thought the two men were genuine when he was asked to go with one to withdraw cash while the other stayed to "take measurements" for building work.

After the victim handed over the cash we was asked to wait in a coffee shop for a few moments.

He was left there for two hours. When he returned home he saw his collection of rare army figures has been stolen from a cabinet.

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