Moorgate tube crash memorial unveiled

A memorial for the victims of the tragic Moorgate tube crash in 1975 is unveiled today. The memorial stands Finsbury Square.

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Moorgate tube crash - ITV reports at the scene in 1975

Archive pictures from an ITV report on the Moorgate tube crash in February 1975 show the tragic extent of the incident.

Officers search through rubble-strewn carriages at the scene where 43 people lost their lives after the driver failed to stop at the station.

Destroyed seats in one of the carriages Credit: ITV News
Police search through the rubble Credit: ITV News
Destroyed items litter the carriage Credit: ITV News

The exact cause of the driver's failure to stop the train was never determined. However, following the incident extra safety measures known as the "Moorgate protection" were introduced, which automatically stop a tube if the brakes are not applied.

A memorial honouring the victims will be unveiled in Finsbury Square this afternoon.

Moorgate memorial honours tube crash victims

A memorial has been erected to honour those killed and injured in Britain's worst ever tube crash, nearly 40 years after the disaster.

43 people died and 73 were injured in the crash at Moorgate station on February 28, 1975. The memorial, in Finsbury Square, will be unveiled in a ceremony later today.

Campaigners raised £1,500 and Islington council made up the balance of the £6,000 cost.

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