Chase Farm A&E rated poorly

Chase Farm's Accident and Emergency Department has been rated poorly by patients in a new NHS survey. It was the only A&E in the country to get a negative score - meaning patients are unlikely to recommend it to their friends and family.

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London hospital wards given negative ratings

Several individual hospital wards in London also received negative ratings from inpatients during the month of June.

They are:

  • -8, Ward Clementine B, Queen's Hospital, Romford. (94 patient responses)
  • -13, Ward AMUE, Basildon University Hospital. (17 patient responses)
  • -18, Ward AMUW, Basildon University Hospital. (11 patient responses)
  • -17, New digate ward, East Surrey Hospital (6 patient responses)
  • -100, Cheere Ward, King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill (1 patient response)
  • -25, Derwent Ward, Kingston Hospital (4 patient responses)
  • -50, Gwynne Holford, Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton (2 patient responses)

However, the relevance of these statistics is likely to be called into question by the extremely low number of patient responses in some cases. Cheere Ward at King's College Hospital, for example, was given a rating of -100 when it received only one patient response.

Negative score for Chase Farm

Chase Farm was the only hospital in the country to get a negative score from patients for its A&E department in June. It was rated -30.

Patients were asked in a survey whether they would recommend the service they had received to friends and family who need similar treatment or care.

The overall result was then calculated by subtracting the proportion of negative responses from the proportion of positive ones.

At Chase Farm, less patients would recommend the hospital than those who would not recommend it - leading to a negative score.


London hospitals to find out patients ratings

London's NHS hospitals will find out in a few hours what their patients really think, as NHS England publish the results of their first ever country wide survey of patients and their families which is being described as 'Tripadvisor for the NHS'.

From 1 April 2013, every patient in England who visits an A&E, and all patients who stay in hospital overnight have been asked whether they would recommend the service they used to their friends and family members.

Patients have six choices, ranging from "extremely likely" to "extremely unlikely."

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