Family appeal over Magaluf fall

A teenager who died after falling from the ninth floor of a Spanish hotel was chased by a mystery man before his death, his family have said. Film student Thomas Ousby from Uxbridge died in Magaluf, Majorca after falling from a fire escape.

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Family appeals for witnesses to teen fall

Thomas Ousby died after a fall from a fire escape at a hotel in Magaluf Credit: Facebook

A family from Uxbridge is appealing for help in finding out what happened to a teenager who fell to his death from a hotel fire escape.

Thomas Ousby, who was 19, died in Magaluf in Majorca on the 1st of August.

He'd been working as a promoter for bars and boat trips. He was not staying at the hotel where he died, and his family say they have no information about why he was there, and how he came to fall from the ninth floor.

A post mortem discovered no drugs in his system, and very little alcohol.

Today, his father John Ousby told ITV's Daybreak: "It is a complete mystery."We know from text messages that he was sending throughout the night that we can actually put him in his apartment at 6am.

"But what made him leave the apartment, we have heard conflicting stories. He was found without shoes and socks...we have a 35-minute window which we just can't account for. We believe that something must have happened either at ground level or within the hotel."


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