Nurses on patrol with Met Police

Specialist mental health nurses are to join police officers on patrols around London, as part of a pioneering programme to improve the care given to individuals with mental health problems.

Nurses to accompany police on call-outs

The Met Police is re-thinking the way it deals with cases involving vulnerable people, by drafting in the help of specialist nurses.

Officers will work alongside medical teams in cases involving people suffering from mental health problems, to make sure they get the specialist care they need.

Today, Marcia Rigg whose brother Sean died in police custody, welcomed the changes - but said they don't go far enough.

Nurses 'invaluable role' helping mentally ill people

Nurses play an invaluable role in helping people with mental health problems and these new street triage pilots will make sure that people get the help and assessments they need as quickly as possible in times of crisis.

By doing this it ensures people needing assistance are in the right environment and have access to better treatment and care. This is a great example of collaborative working and better integration of services.

– Vivienne Bennett, Director of Nursing


Met police pioneer mental heath programme

The Metropolitan Police are pioneering a new programme which aims to improve the care given to people with mental health issues during an emergency.

Specialist mental health nurses will accompany officers on patrols and assist staff in call centres.

Making sure people with mental health problems get the right assessment, care and treatment they need as quickly as possible is really important, especially in emergency situations.

We know that some police forces are already doing an extremely good job of handling circumstances involving mentally ill people but we want this to be the reality everywhere.

By providing police forces with the support of health professionals we can give officers the skills they need to treat vulnerable people appropriately in times of crisis.

– Norman Lamb, Care and Support Minister