Bullied schoolgirl's family grief

The family of Sinead Taylor, who was found dead after being bullied, speak of their loss.

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What to do if you're being bullied

BullyingUK gives this advice for victims of school bullying:

If you are being bullied at school, tell a friend, tell a teacher and tell your parents. It won't stop unless you do. It can be hard to do this so if you don't feel you can do it in person it might be easier to write a note

to your parents explaining how you feel, or perhaps confide in someone outside the immediate family, like a grandparent, aunt, uncle or cousin.Your form tutor needs to know what is going on so try to find a time to tell him or her when it won't be noticeable.

You could stay behind on the pretext of needing help with some work. Don't be tempted to respond to any bullying or hit back because you could get hurt or get into trouble.

Bullying includes:

  • people calling you names
  • making things up to get you into trouble
  • hitting, pinching, biting, pushing and shoving
  • taking things away from you
  • damaging your belongings
  • stealing your money
  • taking your friends away from you
  • posting insulting messages or rumours, in person on the internet or by instant message
  • threats and intimidation
  • making silent or abusive phone calls
  • sending you offensive phone texts
  • bullies can also frighten you so that you don't want to go to school, so that you pretend to be ill to avoid them


Schoolgirl's advice to overcome bullying

Bullied schoolgirl Sinead Taylor posted a video diary on YouTube in June this year. In it she talks of how she was bullied as a tomboy, what she did to change her appearance to fit in - and some of her darkest moments. She says she would self-harm, but gives advice to others about overcoming abuse.

If you are in distress and need some support, the Samaritans are available 24 hours a day on 08457 90 90 90 or click here for their website. For those in the Republic of Ireland 1850 60 90 90.

Sinead was 'fun, loving and beautiful'

Sinead Taylor was found dead last Friday Credit: Carrie Sangar

The family of bullied schoolgirl Sinead Taylor have spoken for the first time since her death. The 15-year-old aspiring dancer had revealed in a YouTube video giving advice to others that she had considered suicide. Her mother Carrie Sangar said she was "fun, loving and beautiful."


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