Warehouse on fire in Mitcham

A large fire has broken out in a warehouse in Mitcham on Western Road. London Fire Brigade are currently trying to bring it under control.

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Video: Mitcham fire

Footage: Youtube/ Nessalpu

Dramatic video of the fire that has broken out in a Warehouse on Western Road in Mitcham. So far one person has been injured and there are ten fire crews and three ambulances on the scene.

One injured in Mitcham fire

One person has been injured in the fire in Mitcham, according to the London Ambulance Service.

The person was treated on site and no one has been admitted to hospital at present.

London Ambulance were called at around 1.30 pm and sent three ambulances to the scene, which are staying on site while the fire is brought under control.

The extent of the person's injuries and the cause of the fire are unknown as yet.


Residents' photos of the Mitcham blaze

Local residents in Mitcham have been sending ITV London their images of the warehouse fire that has broken out on Western Road.

@Ashley2107's photo from her bedroom window - with a fire crew seen in the foreground Credit: Twitter: @Ashley2107
The view of the fire from 3 miles away in Rosehill, Sutton Credit: Twitter: @johnarsehd
@nessalpu holding what appears to be a piece of debris from the fire Credit: Twitter: @nessalpu
@pytt's photo was taken just after the fire started - black smoke is already filling the air Credit: Twitter: @pytt

Warehouse fire in Mitcham

A large fire has broken out in a warehouse off Western Road in Mitcham.

London Fire Brigade has ten fire engines at the scene trying to bring the blaze under control. The Met Police are advising people to avoid the area of Western Road and adjacent Bond Road.

More details to follow.


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