Plan to replace Feltham site

The young offenders' institution at Feltham is set to be replaced under plans to build a 'super-prison' in England.

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Plans for new prison in Feltham to be scrutinised

I will be scrutinising very closely any plans for a new prison in Feltham and consulting with local residents. The Government must proceed with a robust feasibility study that clearly identifies the impact on the area including any extra demands on the local council and police force.

This will require a local consultation and I will be asking for details of this from the Ministry of Justice. The consultation should also identify any thoughts on the precise site under consideration, and whether it is on greenbelt land.

Following HM Chief Inspector of Prison's shocking review of Feltham Young Offenders institute published in July, any modernisation of the youth prison estate must respond to their recommendations so that new prisons are fit for purpose, support rehabilitation and the needs of families, and do not have a negative impact on the local community.

– Seema Malhotra MP, Feltham and Heston

Feltham site 'obvious option' for major new project

This is the latest part of our plan to modernise our prisons, bring down costs, but to make sure that by the next election we still have access to more prison places than we inherited in 2010.

The Feltham site in West London is a very large one, and is an obvious option for a major new project to help meet the challenges we face in London and the South East.

– Chris Grayling, Justice Secretary


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