Royal Parks suspend sports fee

The Royal Parks have temporarily suspended a controversial fee which forced charity softball players to pay to play in Hyde Park.

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Players believe Royal Parks 'should be open and free'

Having asked the Royal Parks to reconsider their decision to introduce fees to access the Old Football Pitches to play sport, we are very pleased to get this result for our clients as we believe the Royal Parks should be open and free for all, supportive of the Government's commitment to an Olympic legacy.

We welcome the consultation but remain of the view that the Secretary of State does have the power to prohibit activities but that they do not have the power to charge and any future efforts to make a profit from the sporting activities in the park will result in further legal action.

– Rosa Curling, Lawyer for London Charity Softball League

Charity Softball League: Response was simply 'wow'

So far more than 20,000 people have signed a petition calling for the fee in Hyde Park to be scrapped, arguing the site has been used free of charge for decades.

Online petition against the Hyde Park charges Credit:

Vanessa Furey, of the London Charity Softball League, said: "My first response was simply, wow. We are all so proud to have stood up for what we believed in and couldn't have imagined that this unfair and unlawful decision could have been reversed so quickly."


Royal Parks suspend sports fee for Hyde Park

The Royal Parks are temporarily suspending a controversial fee which would have forced charity softball players to pay to play in Hyde Park. The London Charity Softball League estimated it may have to pay £6,000 in charges and threatened to take legal action.

Although some consultation about the charging regime was undertaken prior to its introduction The Royal Parks has taken the decision to suspend the charges and undertake wider consultation before re-considering its decision.

– Colin Buttery, Royal Parks
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