Jump in London hotel prices

Hotel prices in London rose twice as much as the global average last year, fuelled by demand from the Olympics.

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What happened to prices for the rest of the world?

Key findings from the Hotels.com report (covering period from Jan-June 2013):

  • Global hotel prices rose by 2%, approaching levels not seen since before the financial crisis hit in 2006.
  • Growth in Europe, the Pacific and the Middle East was sluggish, registering a rise of 1%, which lagged behind the global average.
  • Rises seen in Latin America, North America and the Caribbean exceeded the global average.
  • Prices in Asia fell by 2% due to depreciating in value of the Yen/Rupee and a fall in inbound visitors to China.
  • Prices in Rio de Janeiro fell by 1%, but remains third most expensive destination in the report.


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