Kiev knife attack 'was planned'

A London football fan injured in an attack in Kiev claims it was a planned raid and fears someone will get killed.

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Element of 'social media bravado' over Kiev attack

We are aware of what happened and we will be going round most of the major bars, including this particular one, to make sure there are no problems.

We would urge supporters to enjoy themselves but to do so without upsetting anybody.

I am pleased to say that currently the atmosphere in the town is good, so in that sense what happened last night was out of the blue.

Sometimes there can be an element of bravado on social media and you can never legislate for something happening but hopefully the England fans will just have a good time in what is a fantastic city.

– Rachel Barber, Head of the UK police delegation in the Ukraine

England fan warns 'mob could kill' in Kiev

A football fan from north London, injured in an attack in Kiev, claims it was a planned raid and fears someone will get killed. Speaking to The Sun (£), 22-year-old David Stone from Stanmore said:

These brutes could soon be up on a murder charge.

I woke in hospital. I don't even know how many stitches I had.

I've been told these guys had planned the raid on the bar to steal our England flags.

There were getaway cars.


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