Met to pay millions over riots

The Met Police will be left with a multi-million pound bill after a Sony warehouse in north London was destroyed and looted during the London riots two years ago.

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Sony warehouse looted 'during widespread disorder'

In a written ruling, the judge said the Sony distribution warehouse had been destroyed and looted during "the widespread civil disorder and rioting which took place in London and elsewhere", adding:

The youths smashed into the warehouse using a variety of makeshift weapons and ran through the building looting it of a certain amount of the stock held there.

Two of them then threw petrol bombs into the stacking within the warehouse and they all made their escape, some carrying what had been looted, and left the warehouse to burn.

The whole incident took no more than just over three minutes. However the fire took hold and burned for some 10 days, with the total destruction of the plant, equipment and stock.

– Mr Justice Flaux


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