Health teams target Croydon

The Care Quality Commission's new programme of hospital inspections starts today with an inspection of Croydon Health Services NHS Trust.

Several other London NHS trusts criticised

Croydon may be under scrutiny today, but it's not the only London trust to have garnered attention for its failings.

  • Newham General was found to be providing inadequate care and protection for its patients.
  • Enfield's Chase Farm Hospital was found to be keeping records badly, as well as being short-staffed.
  • And Basildon Hospital has been under investigation for its high death rates

The new enhanced inspections are intended to identify and stop these problems sooner.

By the end of the year the CQC will visit 18 hospitals - with its reputation at stake, along with the health of countless patients.


Short staffing at Croydon hospital

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust is the first on the list for the enhanced inspections because it's been identified as 'high risk'. It has the second most understaffed A&E department in the country.

These new inspections have been introduced after the inspectors themselves - the Care Quality Commission - were criticised for how they dealt with under-performing hospitals.

Chief Hospital Inspector leads assessment of Croydon

The Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Professor Sir Mike Richards, is leading the inspection in Croydon.

His team will assess every site that delivers acute services and eight key services areas: A&E; medical care (including frail elderly); surgery; intensive/critical care; maternity; paediatrics/children's care; end of life care; and outpatients.

The Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Professor Sir Mike Richards (right), is leading the inspection. Credit: BBC Pool

Tonight there will also be a 'listening event' where local people can share their views of the hospital's care.

A "listening exercise" will be held tonight. Credit: BBC Pool

Croydon seen as one of six trusts at 'high risk'

  • Croydon was deemed one of six 'High Risk' trusts of the 18 to be inspected under the new regime
  • It was deemed to be have the second most understaffed A&E unit in the country
  • Croydon Health Services NHS Trust employs 151 permanent staff, a shortfall of 51 according to the guidelines

Source: Care Quality Commission