Duggan shot 'in self defence'

An inquest has heard how the police marksman who shot Mark Duggan claimed he acted in self-defence because he thought Mr Duggan was brandishing a gun.

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Police 'shot Duggan in self defence'

The inquest into the shooting of Mark Duggan who's death sparked the London Riots, has heard claims police shot him in self defence The 29-year-old was killed in Tottenham after being pulled over by officers.

Police say he was under surveillance as they believed he was collecting a gun from an associate. From the inquest our correspondent Simon Harris reports.


Mark Duggan jury 'on a quest for the truth'

Jurors at the inquest into the death of Mark Duggan have been told they are on a "quest to find the truth" over whether the father-of-four was lawfully killed when he was shot by armed police.

It is a quest to find the truth. This may sound rather grand but it is in fact an important task and one which may take us a little time.

It may be the case that the heart of your considerations will be whether Mark Duggan was killed lawfully or unlawfully.

There is no dispute that Mark Duggan sadly died as a result of a bullet fired by a police officer. You will hear evidence from that officer.

– Judge Keith Cutler, Coroner
  1. Simon Harris: ITV News Correspondent

Jury shown image of Duggan's jacket with bullet holes

The jury is shown a photo of Duggan's hooded, padded jacket, with bullet holes.

Ashley Underwood QC: "V53's account is that Mr Duggan had a gun in his hand and he was bringing it into the aim position... Chest wound would have been fatal in about 10 heartbeats but might not have prevented someone from moving.

Underwood asks if Duggan had the gun as he left the car or had he thrown it away?


  1. Simon Harris: ITV News Correspondent

Jury shown image of an automatic pistol in a sock

The jury is shown a photograph of an automatic pistol in a sock. It had one round in it.

Ashley Underwood QC: "Gun wasn't under Duggan's body but 10-20 feet away in a sock beyond some railings... one reason to put a gun in a sock is to avoid fingerprints... I'm not suggesting one way or another Mr Duggan was a criminal."

Duggan jury to hear 'alphabet soup' of police initials

Day 2 of the Mark Duggan inquest in Court 73 at the Royal Courts of Justice. Counsel for the inquest Ashley Underwood QC outlines the events of August 4th 2011.

Mark Duggan was shot dead by an armed officer in August 2011 Credit: PA Wire

Ashley Underwood QC: "There is going to be a considerable amount of evidence." Underwood has two questions - was the police operation planned to minimise lethal force? And, was it absolutely necessary for the police officer to fire the lethal shot?

The jury has been told they will be hit by an "alphabet soup" of police acronyms and initials.

Duggan inquest to find truth about shooting

An inquest has begun into the police shooting of Mark Duggan, who's death two years ago sparked widespread rioting across London and beyond. The 29-year-old was killed in Tottenham when police stopped the taxi he was in.

Today the coroner told the jury the 8 week inquest was 'a quest to find the truth' about the shooting. From court, our correspondent Simon Harris reports.

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