Plans for a new City skyscraper

Plans have been unveiled for another skyscraper for the City of London. Up to 7,000 people could end up working in the new office building in Leadenhall, which costs around £400m.

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New City skyscraper to 'sit in cluster of tall buildings'

Henderson Global Investors say the new skyscraper will sit within the City's eastern cluster of tall buildings.

Computer-generated image of the proposed skyscraper at 40 Leadenhall Credit: Henderson Global Investors

Nick Deacon from Henderson Global Investors said: "It has been designed as a series of vertical elements to complement the other taller and adjacent buildings in the heart of the City.

"It represents Henderson's continuing commitment to the City of London with improvedpublic realm and pedestrian routes and the highest standards of sustainability and environmental performance."

7,000 people are expected to work in the building when complete Credit: Henderson Global Investors


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