Economy 'like Costa Concordia'

Boris Johnson has compared Britain's economy to the Costa Concordia disaster, adding "the keel is off the rocks". He was speaking to the Institute of Directors.

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Boris Johnson continues his 'nautical metaphor'

To continue this nautical metaphor I believe that we should continue on the course we have set and that George Osborne has set.

We are starting to see signs of an economic renaissance in Britain of the kind that my generation once thought would never come.

In our lifetimes this country will not only be demographically one of the biggest economies in Europe but in output as well we have every chance of being the biggest economy in Europe.

Around the world I see British brands catching on wherever people are in the process of embourgeoisment, which we Conservatives support and which is happening all over the place in huge numbers.

– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Mayor compares economy to Costa Concordia disaster

Boris Johnson has compared the the UK economy to the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster. London's Mayor made the comparison during his address to the Institute of Directors, adding "the keel is off the rocks".

The Costa Concordia is being recovered almost two years after capsizing, an accident in which 32-people died. Two of the bodies still haven't been found.


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