Essex hospital special measures

Details are announced today of 'special measures' for failing hospital trusts, which include Basildon

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Essex hospital is in 'special measures'

Top doctors and senior managers from one of London's best hospitals, are to be drafted into another which has with serious problems. NHS staff from Hampstead's Royal Free will be working at Basildon and Thurrock NHS trust, in an attempt to improve standards there.

Basildon's one of 11 trusts put into 'special measures' following a review of services.Luke Hanrahan has the full details.


Basildon hospital is in 'special measures'

The NHS says a hospital trust is said to require ‘special measures’ when there are serious failings in relation to quality of care, which trust bosses can't fix without intensive support.

The NHS Trust Development Authority declares when an NHS Trust is in special measures. In future, the Chief Inspector of Hospitals will recommend whether special measures are needed if the quality of services are judged to be inadequate.

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