Digital time travelling in Essex

A Southend man has created so-called digital time travel by photographing old pictures in front of their scene today.

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Southend man brings the past back to life with digital photographs

An Essex photographer has dusted down some old photos to bring the past back to life.

Mark Pilling has brought a unique perspective to Southend-on-Sea by holding up images of days gone by perfectly in front of buildings as they look today.

And the end result? A snapshot of how life used to be in the seaside town.

The process was painstaking and involved a very steady hand.

But it was worth it, Mark has now created a collection of time travel photos.

Hamlet Court Road. Credit: Facebook/ Markiefotos
Palace Hotel. Credit: Facebook/ Markiefotos
Mertens Butchers/Hamlet Court Road. Credit: Facebook/ Markiefotos


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