Bunker given listed status

A cold war bunker in Gravesend is one of the bizarre list of buildings that have been granted listed status by English Heritage.

Historic cold war bunker listed

From the outside, a cold war bunker in Kent may not look like an obvious contender to become an official part of England's heritage.

But delve below the surface and it's a whole different story. This historic corner of Gravesend was used as a control centre at a time when the threat of nuclear attack was still very real. David Johns went for a look around.



Bunker wouldn't have survived a nuclear attack

The bunker can't be seen from above ground Credit: English Heritage/Picasa
Inside the bunker and how it would have looked when it was in use Credit: English Heritage/Picasa

A bunker that has been given listed status by English Heritage would not have survived a nuclear attack.

The bunker would have been used between 1954 and 1968 in the case of a Soviet air attack.

The building would have handled information and coordinated the response to a nuclear attack.