Eddie Izzard to stand for Mayor

Eddie Izzard confirmed today he will stand for London Mayor in 2020. It comes after the comedian previously suggested he wanted to pursue a career in politics.

Your views on Eddie Izzard's Mayoral ambitions

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@itvlondon @itvnews pretty sure the Labour Party has a selection process that he would have to win first against other great candidates.


@itvlondon if Ronnie Reagan done it in the states why can't Eddie? He's got my vote! He's a good 'runner'

Your views: Eddie Izzard to run for London Mayor

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@eddieizzard to stand as Labour candidate for London mayor in 2020. Almost worth moving to the big smoke so I can vote for him


Eddie Izzard is running for mayor of London in 2020, so basically nothing can get me down today.


I really like Eddie Izzard. Respect him. But Mayor of London?