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An inquest jury hears from the intelligence officer who was in charge on the day Mark Duggan was shot dead

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Duggan inquest hears from intelligence officer

  1. Ronke Phillips: Senior Correspondent

'Billion to one chance' DNA belonged to officer

The inquest is hearing from the Detective Inspector from the Standards Department at the Met Police who says there is no evidence to back any of the claims.

The Professional Standards Detective tells the inquest jury that when the anonymous letter was sent for forensic examination, DNA was found on envelope. Billion to one chance DNA belonged to the unnamed defendant, jury is told.


  1. Ronke Phillips: Senior Correspondent

Mark Duggan inquest jury told about anonymous letter

Mark Duggan inquest jury is being told about anonymous letter sent to several people, including Duggan family and Met Police Commander Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.

Mark Duggan Credit: Met Police

The letter claimed an informant told his police handler he could persuade Mark Duggan to pick the gun, so officers could arrest him. The letter claims thje arrest was bound to lead to Mark Duggan being shot to avoid the informant being exposed.

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