Jose dodges Spurs question

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho refused to discuss the breakdown of his friendship with Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas today. Speaking to Rags Martel, he said: "I have nothing to say."

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Mourinho: Spurs 'better contenders' than before

And when I analyse Tottenham as an opponent. I think they have a much better, a much better squad now than they have the season before.

And nobody can criticise me for that opinion, it is consequence of my professional analysis and I think they have a much better squad.

And because you win titles with squads, you don't win titles with a specially good player, I think they are much more contenders than before.


Mourinho 'unimpressed' over friendship revelation

On the eve of their first clash as coaches Jose Mourinho said he wasn't impressed with Andre Villas-Boas revealing details about their friendship.

I don't describe (the relationship), because I'm not a kid to discuss relationships with the media.

It's a personal thing. I don't care what he says. I'm not here to comment on what he says. I'm not interested.

– Jose Mourinho


Mourinho: Spurs squad is very, very good

Jose Mourinho was then asked if he was looking forward to facing Andre Villas-Boas:

No, I look forward to playing against Tottenham as always. (They are) always big matches, always good matches.

They are a big contender.

They were the champions of the (transfer) market, they bought a lot of players and all of them international players, players with quality. The squad is very, very good.

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