Boas: Torres decision 'disgrace'

Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas is furious with the Football Association for its "joke" decision not to ban Fernando Torres for scratching Jan Vertonghen's face.

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FA loses opportunity 'to put sense' into Torres images

I think the decision is a disgrace. If the committee can't solve such clear images I don't think it sets out a good first example and we're not asking nobody to retract themselves; the player to retract themselves. That would not be fair.

This is a competition and in the end they came up with what they thought was fair for that. We don't want Fernando suspended because it can make them weaker, because their bench is so strong, but I think the FA has lost all opportunity to put some sense into the images everybody saw.

I'm extremely grateful for ex-refs to be able to enlighten people a little bit more, though I think most of you guys saw the incident as something that is not tolerable in football.

– Andre Villas-Boas, Spurs manager

Boas: FA's decision on Torres is 'a disgrace'

Andre Villas-Boas has criticized the Football Association for what he calls the "disgraceful" and "farcical" decision not to ban Fernando Torres for scratching Jan Vertonghen's face.

Chelsea's Fernando Torres (left) and Tottenham Hotspur's Jan Vertonghen Credit: Press Association

Torres was seen scratching the face of Vertonghen, leaving visible marks, leading to the FA review. The Spurs manager said:

"It's extremely difficult to know where to start. Obviously, it is almost a farcical decision. It doesn't matter to me which player or club is involved. Neither do I want to with my words put into question Fernando's integrity; neither their manager's, in trying to defend what is our position.

"I think the FA has made a decision almost a joke. It looks incredible. How can you see the images, pretty clear, and come out without punishment, on something (which) overtakes all professional behaviour?"


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