London life shown by numbers

If you think you know London well, then be prepared to take a look from a different angle. Figures released today have shown what makes the capital so different from other parts of the country.

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New figures reveal what life is like in London

London's population is the youngest in the UK: London's age profile is younger than that of the UK as a whole, with an average age of 34.0 years in 2012, compared with 39.7 years for the UK.

Crime rates are the highest in England: Crime rates in 2012/13 in London were the highest in England. There were 95 police-recorded crimes per 1,000 population compared with 64 per 1,000 population across England.

London generates a fifth of the UK’s total economic output: The region generated over a fifth (22%) of the UK's total economic output in 2011, a share larger than any of the English regions, and a larger share than for Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Source: ONS

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