Wallaby in Highgate cemetery

For the last week residents in Highgate have been on the lookout after a dog walker described seeing a mysterious beast in the famous cemetery. Now, a wallaby has been caught on camera.

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Neighbours contained wallaby until RSPCA arrived

The stray wallaby has been named Jean Credit: Caro Shrives
It was seen by residents on York Rise Estate in Dartmouth Park early this morning Credit: Caro Shrives
Neighbours managed to keep it safe behind bars until the RSPCA arrived Credit: Caro Shrives
RSPCA officer Leigh Summers gets Jean safely into the van Credit: Caro Shrives
The animal was apparently 'perfectly healthy' Credit: Caro Shrives
Jean will be held at an exotic animal holding centre at Heathrow Airport until his future is decided Credit: Caro Shrives

Highgate wallaby caught after 'causing chaos'

The wallaby in Highgate cemetery earlier this month Credit: Newsflare/Maurice Melzak

The RSPCA was called out this morning to catch one of the Wallabies living in Highgate Cemetery which was reported to be "causing chaos" on York Rise near Kentish Town.

On advice from London Zoo, RSPCA Inspector Leigh Summers had gone armed with a tennis net to wrap the wallaby in. He said:

“I had been told to handle the wallaby by grasping its tail and hold it as high as I could off the ground and as far away from me as possible to stop it finding any purchase for its legs.

In fact, when I did grasp it the animal just hung there, relaxed, verymuch like a cat does when it is scruffed by its mother so I knew it was used tobeing handled like this.

Thebiggest problem I had was untangling the netting around it when I got it back to the van.”

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