False Widow spider bites girl

A teenager says she has been left scarred for life after being bitten by Britain's most vemonous spider, the False Widow.

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Cellulitis and poisoning from venomous spider bite

Layla's mother, Wendy said her daughter developed cellulitis and blood poisoning:

My other daughter found the spider in the bathroom and we took it to the hospital - but they just laughed and said it had been in the country for years, and it was the way Layla had reacted to the bite.

They contacted a tropical diseases hospital in London and had some special cream couriered down, but that made it worse and had to be washed off. It was awful by then, with vivid orange stuff leaching from the wound. At that point they said she might need to have surgery to wash it out.

Earlier this month, a man also claimed to have been bitten by a False Widow spider. Ricki Whitmore says the creature bit him, causing his leg to swell. Read more here.


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