Appeal Court allows filming

Today, cameras will be in use in the Court of Appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice for the first time.

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Coin forger loses appeal in historic case

The Court of Appeal, filmed by cameras for the first time today Credit: PA Wire

The ringleader of a coin-forging scam has failed in his bid to appeal against his sentence during the first proceedings to be broadcast from the Court of Appeal.

Kevin Fisher, from Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire, was jailed in May for seven years for his role in what is believed to be the largest ever plot to make fake pound coins in the UK.

Lord Justice Pitchford in the case of Kevin Hugh Fisher at the Court of Appeal today Credit: PA Wire

Filmed after a near 90-year ban on allowing cameras in court was lifted, Lord Justice Pitchford refused Fisher's application to appeal against his sentence after hearing submissions from the appellant's barrister - and Prime Minister's brother - Alex Cameron QC.


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